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Pet Travel Bag
Pet Travel Bag

Your Ideal Dog Travel Bag

How often have you been led by emotions, bought something, and have been ripped off only to get a poor-quality product?


We’ve been there many times – like, MANY times, trust us.


That’s why we’ve decided to create our own brand of pet travel bag on the premise of delivering a high-quality product, so that you could SAVE MONEY.

We didn’t want to go with the cheapest materials, unreliable zippers, and small bowls only to sell you something. 

What we strive for is to deliver “wetnoseiness”. Happy pup - wet nose, right?

We are proud owners of two wonderful hotdogs, umm, dachshunds – Tasya and Sonya – and we know how stressful it can be to pack all of your pet stuff and keep it organized on the road.


We use our Spot & Catch pet travel bag organizer on every journey, whether it’s a picnic, a short drive to upstate New York, or a 20-hour drive down to Florida (yeah, we did that too!), and this bag has become a game changer for us.

The pet supplies travel bag is always on the go. It goes with 2 collapsible dog bowls, 2 dog food storage containers and has 10 compartments to keep things organized. All you need to do is to fill it up with toys, poop bags, favorite blanket, food, and, voila, you’re all set.

I mean, there is never enough food when on the road, said my older pup Tasya.

Still undecided? That’s okay. Internet is good on marketing, we get it.


Because we are confident that our dog tote travel bag will be the last thing you will have to buy when embarking on a journey with your four-legged family member, we are offering a Full 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty on this bag!

Don’t hesitate to contact us as we will appreciate any feedback or ideas on how to improve our product.

Wherever you may roam, Spot & Catch got you covered.


The Spot & Catch family

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