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Wherever you may roam.


It all started with two hotdogs, umm,

dachshunds - Tasya and Sonya - who served as an inspiration for us to create our pet travel bag and are now traveling across the country with us. 

Image by Erda Estremera
Pet Travel Bag


Learn more about our awesome dog travel bag that has everything you need to hit the road with your furry friend. From a short trip to the beach to a coast-to-coast voyage, Spot & Catch got you covered.


Our goal is to deliver "wetnoseiness" to your pup. Check out pictures of our customers' pups and how they enjoy our Spot & Catch pet weekend bag.

Image by James Barker
Image by Karsten Winegeart


Let us get to know you better! If you have any questions about our awesome pet weekend organizer or just want to chat about your pup, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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